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Ready to get serious about your fitness? If so, Taylor Fit Studio is the right fit for you. Circuit, core, cardio, resistance, yoga, pilates, Barre group fitness classes that really pack a punch. Get ready to move and have fun. (Private classes are also available). Download the app for the live schedule and updates!


Taylor Fit Studio offers fast-paced, high intensity core, cardio, and resistance training with personalized attention. Taylor Fit delivers hardcore fitness classes that work your entire body. Each class is unique and tailored to engage every muscle in your body – all in one hour!


Up-beat and fast-paced, Taylor Fit classes keep you motivated all 60 minutes to reach your fitness goals. Taylor's creative, innovative techniques are custom designed to build muscle tone, flexibility and endurance. Classes combine exercises that are structured in a way to keep your metabolic rate working for you around the clock!